About Us

  • ○ About TSPS
    • ■ The Texas Society of Professional Surveyors (TSPS) is a nonprofit organization, incorporated under the laws of Texas. TSPS has 23 local chapters statewide and has over 1,600 members. TSPS provides aid and contributes to the education of its members and the general public in attaining high surveying standards, both technical and ethical; and to provide a central headquarters and closer association of its members.
  • ○ Why TSPS Career Center?
    • ■ The TSPS Career Center connects hiring employers with qualified Surveying candidates through cost effective products, that promote open positions and company brands to active and passive jobseekers.
  • ○ How Can Jobseekers Find My Open Position?
    • ■ Job Flash – Reach thousands of jobseekers through a bi-monthly email
    • ■ Actively search hundreds of resumes
    • ■ Reach a community of our social media followers on Twitter and Linkedin